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design & planting

My passion is to get stuck in and create something beautiful. Whether it’s in a pot, a small garden or larger project, its all about what I love.

Gardening is about creating something beautiful that will give you days and days of pleasure. I will share ideas with you and once you have agreed on what you would like then we will source the plants and put them where they love to be… the ground!

Planting is the next step in the excitement we will all share.

02. services

garden care

If I create, restore or you already have a beautiful garden, keeping it that way is about attention and love. That’s my game!

It takes time, love and care to keep a garden delivering colour, beautiful smells, bird sounds and joy. We love doing this because it sustains what you have invested in but more than that it remains a “thing of beauty, which is a joy forever”.  It continues to feed one’s passion!

03. services


Water is everything for a beautiful garden and in the Cape it is very scarce and needs to be preserved. I know how to create water wise gardens so you use the minimum amount of water.

Part of any garden planning is deciding on how the plants are to be sustained with love, water and fertiliser, to provide the ongoing pleasure of a beautiful creation. We will talk to you about this essential part of the process. If you don’t have water in the right places to meet the needs of your design then our team can install irrigation for you.

We can also install a mini borehole for you.

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